Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Energy Transformation ....

What are we? Are we a skeleton with a layer flesh. Yes. But lets delve and explore ourselves. We are made of cells, which in turn are made of protoplasm. Now what is protoplasm? Its something which make a toy, a dog, or anything in this whole universe. It is ENERGY. As Einstein calculated to be mc2, i.e. mass is converted into energy. Energy can take any damn form in this cosmos.

There are infinite possibilities of forms of energy - a sunlight, mind energy, physical etc. But whenever we human see anything we freeze it to be what we perceive it to be. But there is something beyond.

Humans at the scientific level have tried to convert energy from one form to another. From wind energy to electricity, water power to electricity, from electricity to heat, heat to steam, steam to water and it keeps changing. Its is just the mind which separate us from the infinite possibilities possibile.

One on my friend was telling me the story of Karan in Mahabharata. He was not born by the conventional way of intercourse, but from sun energy. Now you guys will think, what the hell is this. But it is an example of energy transformation.

Lets analyze the working of mind. In a single minute we have numerous thoughts running - ambition, turmoils, anxiety, envious feeling. Here the energy is manipulated in lower forms. Mind energy is something if we use properly, can do wonders. If one can control ones mind, and channelize the energy properly can achieve the Impossible.

Reiki is something on these lines, where you can use the energy of the cosmos and heap somebody far from you. Just think of a situation where one of your close friend is suffering from severe headache and you use the energy around to heal. Its looks impossible. But actually it happens. I have personally heard many of these stories from one of my junior in college, who has achieved level 3 in Reiki.

Last year i attended a workshop of "Art of Living" by Mr. Bawa in Delhi. He told us a story about his visit to some other country for a similar workshop. As soon as he entered the room, there was an aroma of Rose all around, which was not present before. So what happened in split of a second. What he told was that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji sitting somewhere else made the whole environment a heaven. This looks funny!!

Many of you must have had heard stories of sanyasis walking on a film of water. What is it?

Yesterday i was reading a very famous spiritual book - "Autobiography of a Yogi". There the writer mentioned the power of words. If one fully focus on words, and almightly is there with you, the words can be tranformed to what they mean. One day Paramhansa was discussing this thought - the power of words with his friends. One of them challenged him to cut the kite of the rival in such a way, so it fall directly in front of him. And it actually happened. His friend started calling him necromanciac. Black Magic!!

These incidents are not digestible for a normal human being, but are true and very much possible. The only difference is the Realization at first place and channalizing the energy to transform into something unthinkable.

So be a part of infinite possibilities!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Natural Expression !!

There are two channels for thoughts - either you express it or not!! Thoughts can expressed at the physical, mental, spiritual level. Now the question arise is whether natural expressing of thought is fine.

Now think of a common situation - something which must have had happened to us in our school and college days - liking for the opposite sex. Now you have two options - either express you feelings or keep your mouth shut. Many of us are afraid to go and frankly tell the other person. Now it is important to realise that having a feeling for anybody is absolutely natural and therefore the expression should not be stopped.

At a spiritual level, people practice "Being natural" and then if you feel like expressing what is natural - it is also natural. But now you will say that the other person will take it otherwise and will mind. Now this is the other person problem and not yours ... so go ahead.

But here if you go to the micro level you will find that the expression can actually hurt somebody - at natural level. Now at the receiver end s/he may feel actually bad or s/he will just pretend to be bad, or something else. The second case is the problem of receiver. But in case 1, if the receivers feeling are natural, then the sender should be careful in expressing the thoughts and feelings, as it can badly hurt someone.

Now lets extend the above example of boy girl relationship. If the boy feel/ love the girl and with time he starts having natural physical touch feeling, then there is nothing wrong at the guys end. But when it comes to expression, the boy should see if the receipent girl is comfortable with the whole environment. So even if you want to express something natural, you should be cautious.

Actually all this arise from LAW OF KARMA - which say that you can choose any option at ur doorstep, but make sure the other person is affected by this. Natural expression will go wrong here when its is making the other person uncomfortable.

But i always recomment that a person should be expressive - that will make the person comfortable and place him at the lowest energy state. One will not have regret of not expressing.

So keep expressing, but a bit of caution!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Growth with sharing ...

People have unlimited desires, which they want to fulfill at every stage of life. People want to grow either at personal or professional level. There are two ways, one can grow (lets take the working of an organization):
  1. Personal growth with people around you
  2. Personal growth without sharing with others

In case 1, one will have an inner desire and energy to learn. One believes in sharing one's learnings and findings with his teammates and show them a path to grow as well.

In case 2, one has the same feelings, but with a difference to not share. He is threatened of:

  • Fading of ones importance
  • Praise of ones teammmates, whom one can impart learnings
  • Losing the upper hand

Lets analyze the case 2 in detail:

  1. Sharing is not happening
  2. Unhealthy environment
  3. Competitive spirit within the teammates
  4. Hiding of learning from one another
  5. Uncomfortable nature within teammates
  6. Learnings limited to one self
  7. No multiplication/ addition of learnings

So overall what will happen is that - learning will be compromised by not sharing with each other for new ideas and findings.

Nows lets look into the state of mind of a person - who is hiding learnings from his Colleagues:

  • He is always worried of his teammates to learn more then himself
  • His energy will be wasted in trivial things
  • State of turmoil - wiser teammate

This cycle will keep going until and unless one is aware of all this. If not all, many of us pass through this phase, but hide from ourselves about this issue.

So guys, just check-out whether you are suffering from this?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Boredom .. Is it a state of mind?

We have phases in Life ... sometimes its disco and then its boredom. Sometimes we feel like climbing mountains and then sitting out rooms in isolation.

In this competitve world people have become workholic and if given an opportunity to breathe fresh air ... they get bored. They just want there laptops, internet and keep surfing the world. They have actually forgetten the meaning of peace ... which is always there with oneself.

According to wikipedia, Boredom stems from a lack of interesting things to see, hear, or do (physically or intellectually) when not in the mood of "doing anything." Often it is a clearly subjective state; one person may find a classical music concert "boring," for example, while another may find it riveting.

Normally, i have a problem of getting bored whenever i am free as i dont have many hobbies to mingle with. But last many weeks i have involved myself with writing articles on FMCG Marketing, working out in Gym, watching every damn movie released near my place, meeting friends in Noida - Arun Goyal, Gurgaon - Bagga ... and if given an opportunity love to drive Royal Enfield. How can i forget Wednesday visit to RPG's Spencer in Pacific Mall .. Just guess for what? To buy the fresh vegetables with my mother.

But the point to understand is that we only make ourselves bored ... At the spiritual level everybody will say it to be a a state of mind.

The even more important issue is - How to control this crappy mind? Gita recommend to have control over ones Indriyas. But where is the solution? I am 100% sure, its within us as i have read it in many texts .. and have also felt it. Its actually a state of surrender. Its is a state of emptyness. Its like a passive robotic - a robot who cannot think and interpret things. But i must tell you, its really tough.

How many people around you are composed, who dont get angry easily, who is not fickle, a thinking person ... Very very few. But there are people. I call them "Mature People". They have actually given a thought to what life is all about - there presence in this world - there purpose of life. Many of us are not clear at all what we are doing. Most of time it is people-following. This is dependency. And a level above this is Independent as narrated by Mr. Covey. But actually and the highest level is Interdependence. But very interesting thing to note here is that all the above three states/ situations have a commanality - DEPENDENCY. What ever level you are, you will always be dependent. But i thing there is even a higher state - Self. This looks somewhat similar to independent, but actually is not? Its is a state where one can be busy with oneself, happy with oneself - inspite of living with people. Once you can achieve this level, you will never get bored.

Just think of a situation where you are left alone in this world/ place and you have nobody to accompany you. How will you react. Its boring!! But if you can live at a level of self - Its serene, happy, calm - with no tumoil.

But again its really tough to achieve this state in this materialistic world. But one should give a try atleast.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Present is Parmatma & Meditation

Mind dosent allow to live in Present ... it makes u live in past or future.

And past and future is like a gate in ur house which is closed and doesnt allow God to enter inside. We never say God was, or God will... God is always in present.

"God is" is also not correct. "God isness" is right

OSHO told a story of a blind man. He is in a Bhawan with 1000 doors with one door opened. He start knocking all the doors one by one. But when he reach the open door, he gets lazy ... so miss the open gate.

This open door is Present. We keep missing the open gate i.e. Present. To be in present is standing in front of Gate.

To have you Mind in present is Meditation. But why do we get distracted fron present. The reason is Desire. Because desire always look for future.

There are 2 things:
1. Anger is created when are proud of what you have achieved in past. We have collected this in past few decades. Desire which is fulfilled is proud.
2. Desire is with respect is future... to achieve something

Old people keep moving with their proudy heads (they are past centered as they have travelled a journey of proud .. fulfilling their past desires .. thats why old people get chirchira, gussa aa jata hai).... Young people are future centered... they want to conquer the world

Desire will always lead to proud.

So when a person achieve money, fame, he want to achieve God. That is also a desire. At this stage ... desire dosnt work.

If you reach a state where you are in present .. you will with Parmatma .. God. You just need to experience a second of "present" to feel God. A person who has been living in a dark room for 1000 years or 1 year can take the same time to be in present. To be in present is not a function of past ignorance.

Ignorance of any time, any size is only ignorance.

Excercise: Sit for half an hour in present - allow a leaf to fall from a tree ... let it surrender, let the smell come ... let the extrenal things keep going. Allow any feeling, any thought to flow in your mind ... dont think of good or bad, dont interpret things ... dont do any thing .. aa raha aane de .. dont involve yourself. It will be difficult (we have an habit of involving oursevelves)- thoughts will be there, let them flow ...

OSHO gave a perfect analogy. The above state is something like watching a movie in a theatre, but not interpreting anything, allow whatever is happening on the stage ... Kante and Flowers are not different ... dont differentiate them.

When you will involve youself like this, one day you will see a gap of emptyness between one thought and the other. With time emptyness will increase .. gap will increase. In this state you will be in touch with Parmatma ... because you will be in present. To be in present is to be thoughtless.

And the day, there is no thought and perfect state of emptyness ... then there is "Milan" with the Almighty. There will be Bhagwat prapti. But remember you cannot achieve it ... it will just happen ... You just have to surrender. When you dont do anything ... you will get surrendered.

State of Effortless

There are somethings in Life which need absolutely no effort. One of them is Sleep. Most of us whole are unable to sleep always try to look for methods to sleep. I personally eat fruits, take a bath, listen to music etc to get an early sleep. But here its not required at all.

OSHO said that just try effortless before sleeping. You dont need to even think of God to give you a power to sleep early. You can definately do that .. But the point is that if you are doing this to sleep early then its not required.

God is the last thing where zero effort is required.

Now people will say that one should not do anything?

OSHO gave a perfect analogy for this. If you are looking in a closed house and you want the sunrays, you can never get it. You just have to open the window or the gate to get the shine. You cannot hold rays in your hand and get inside home ... or procure for night. You just have to wait for the Sun to come and an open window. So the whole point is that you have to remove the hindrances .. thats it !!

Desire to get God

I was listening to an old commentry by OSHO. Somebody asked him about one desire which help him reach God.

OSHO explained that one has to run for something which is away from oneself.
  • To achieve money, one has to take lots of pain, be ambitious .. one has to run
  • To achieve fame, one has to do something great .. one has to run

Without desire, money and fame is not possible.

And when people get bored with money and fame, they desire for God - achieve salvation - follow the path of self realization. Many of us are blindly following things just to fulfill the desire to get an appointment from God.

OSHO said that human mind understand the language of desire.

Then OSHO asked a simple question - "Where is God?". He is within us. Do we need to run for God? You can run if he is a Km away from you. But he is within us.

You have to search for something which is lost. But if there is something with you, it dosent make sense to search for it. Thats God.

One drunkard after having all the pegs, reached his home and asked the neighbours for his house. People assured him about his home and even his mother told that she is his mother. But the drunkard didnt agree with anybody.

The whole to understand here is that we are standing in front of God, ourselves ... but we keep wavering here and there to seach for the Absolute, the Supreme, the God.

So if i person dosent recognize the presence God in oneself, he is GRAHAST and opposite for know about God is called SANYASI.

Grahast will say "I want God"

Sanyasi will say "I can feel God"

When you see outside mind will keep wavering. But when you look inside yourself - there is no turbulence.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Its no more a simple world !!

Hi Friends (people less than 30),

You must have heard lots of stories from ur parents regarding the simple life they had 2 to 3 decades back. My father's started with a Bank for Rs. 120 a month and mother for Rs. 521. But money was not the only attribute which differentiate today's life and that of our parents.

Its COMPETITION and especially in India.

Just remember of you passtime in past 20 years back ... i still remember its Hide and Seek, something Kanche , climg on trees, watching lots of time in outside actives. But now we have seen that its more of indoor activities - computer games, internet etc. This actually is an indication of future competition for these guys.

You must be finding my above thought a bit confusing. Actually the point i want to make is that - we are experencing an age of information ... an age of abundance ... bombardment of varied thoughts from our parents, relatives, peers regarding the different options for us to pursue our careers. Most of the parents want their kids to become doctors, engineering and the buzz these days is getting a stamp for them from either or both of IIM and IIT.

Do you how many seat are there in the above institutes. IIT has around 4000 and IIMs have 1300 seats. There was a big news last month - Crorepathi is not enough. Now its the time of millionaires (1m$ = 4.5 crores). Its difficult to get 3 room house in Delhi in 1 crore. Also there was huge talk in the education sphere of the 4 guys from ISB Hyderabad who got more than 1 crore salary.

Its is %$#@ing tough. How many are lucky to smell the seats of the auditoriums of the above prestigious institutes.

When i did my preparation for CET and other entrance exams to get into one of the best engineering colleges in India, the tution fee which Chitkara sir use to charge was Rs. 500 per month. And now its like Rs. 20,000 for the enrolling for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Whats the reason? ----- Its DEMAND and SUPPLY.

Every day the supply of student is increasing. Every year 20,000 more people enrol for CAT. There were 28,000 aspirants for IIFT in 2003 and increased to 35,000 in 2004. It will further increase. But are the seats increasing? Nope.

Still in this cut-throat competition, the politicials cannot involve themselves in kind deeds for the nation. They are always ready for campaigns to get that extra vote by increasing the quotas for SC/ ST. They are absolute selfish people.

Let me go back when out parents were as young as we are today. My father told me how happy he was for his first scooter. At that time very few had scooters and most of the people use to commute via their respective bicycles. They use to wait for our grandmothers to cook Khir etc. They were not heath concscious and use to eat Ghee in tons.

Now the people driving Maruti 800 are considered poor and driving Papa's scotter in college is like a shame for them. They need the jazzy - in - bikes - Pulsar etc. We love eating outside or may be we are forced to eat out as we dont get time from the hectic schedule in our jobs. Also we rarely see joint families, so how can we expect that tasty kheer from out mother.

So my whole point is that those old simple beautiful days are gone and many of us are set to slough our life in earning those extra bucks, making big house and the own most dreamt Mercedes if possible.

I can keep writing many instances ... But i think i should stop here and ask you guys to give a thought to whatever crap i have written above.

What do you feel?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Being fit ... fulfilling self-actualization needs: An experience in a gymnasium

What are key things human beings look for? Obviously it is happiness. But if I drill down to the next level, I see people running for money, fame, family life, health etc. These days I am very enthusiastic to reduce that extra inch. God give the power to burn my calories … churn my muscles … lose the extra pounds … and then stand next to Tom Cruise to make him envy of my sexy abs.

But all this possible if one is consistent with any of the trusted schedules. I have joined gym – “Body Fitness” in Vaishali for a month, mainly to reduce the flab. I don’t have that much time to make my body with new curves … but definitely want the hemisphere to sweat away.

Last 5 days I haven’t put those huge dumbbells on my strong shoulders but work out on treadmill, stepper, cycling, twister and the belt. As other people also have same aspirations as I do, they want to grab the most wanted treadmill and run for 15mins.

My experience with treadmill has been arresting and have somewhat got addicted to run at the maximum possible speed. I never leave an opportunity to step on to it and start with a speed of 6. Every 10 seconds, I keep increasing the speed and finally reach 12 mark in the 6th minute and try to maintain for atleast 2-3 minutes and then I am comfortable at 11. My record so far is 2.5 kms in 15 mins by burning 80 calaries.

As other people are vying at me to step out, I am all set for my cyling. Today I performed 2 sets of cycling of 2.5 kms each. So all in all, I ran for more than 4 kms on the treadmill and 5+ kms cycling.

It’s a great feeling every second to sweat and wet my T-shirt and change the color from gray to dark gray. And then u try to emulate Sharukh Khan in the movie “Bazzigar”, who spellbound Kajol by shaking his hairs with full of sweat.

And then when u come home and stand in front of the mirror, u see a change in your tummy. If I try to relate to Maslows hierarchy of need… going and working out in a gymnasium is of fulfilling your self-actualization and at the same time a combination of ego and self-esteem needs.